SPL Case Studies

Intellectual Property and Information Technology

What’s going on with the Aboriginal Flag?

    There has been a major blow-up over claims by a private company WAM Clothing that it controls the rights to reproduce the Aboriginal flag on clothing. Cease and desist letters have been sent to AFL, NRL and a number of indigenous not for profit companies who have used the flag regularly for years

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Privacy Laws – compliant? Who? Me?

Do you collect or process “personal information”? If you operate a business that collects “any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person”, then you are required to comply with privacy laws. In Australia, that means the Privacy Act (1988) (Cth) and the 13 National Privacy Principles, mandated by the Privacy Act. If you

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Appealing to the Land & Environment Court

By the time someone reaches the point where they want to appeal to the Land & Environment Court (“L&E Court”), they have usually reached an impasse in the progress of their development application (“DA”).  The setback could be: a refusal; an unviable development consent, possibly because of adverse conditions; or, continued requests for more detailed

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Fashion, Parallel Imports and Trade Mark Law – G-Star (Part II)

Part II of our article about a fashion clothing importer who was sued for trade mark infringement by the register proprietor of the trade mark in Australia.

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Copyright and Architects – Do former employees have copyright in work undertaken during the course of their employment?

Our client employed two registered architects in their business to allow the company to undertake a number of major architectural projects for clients. The employees left to establish their own architecture practice with a former director of our client company.When the former director of our client’s company left the new practice, our client requested that the images be removed from the website and the content on the website be changed to make it clear that the architects association with the projects in question was in their capacity as employees of our client’ s firm and that the projects were commissions of our clients practice.They refused.

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