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Information Technology

Surry Partners has a number of established clients who operate successful businesses offering Information Technology (IT) based products and services in fields as diverse as the supply and support of weighing and measuring equipment, to online marketing, to online media and content distribution.

Our services offered to our IT clients include:

  • IT Contracts: drafting, advising on and negotiating terms of contracts concerning software development, maintenance and technical support, contractor agreements and service level agreements.
  • IT Strategy: advising on appropriate  structures for joint ventures or partnerships in technology projects, including identifying key roles and ownership/licensing arrangements for key assets.
  • IT Advice: advising on all relevant areas of confidentiality and protection of intellectual property including trade mark and patent advice and all related licensing advice.


  • Working with a global computer games developer and distributor and various interactive marketing companies to negotiate software licensing, content hosting, mobile streaming arrangements and related marketing and promotions contracts.
  • Negotiating and documenting service level agreements for a contract software supplier to a major telco
  • Advising on a software Licence, Development and Maintenance Agreement for our banking software client, in relation to their contract with a US bank
  • Drafting online sales terms and conditions for mobile phone and phone credit reseller.
  • Negotiating and drafting a  software development agreement for an online content provider, including drafting the software spec, project scope and express provisions in relation to ownership of various parts of the total IP package – with cross-licensing and appropriate warranties and indemnities
  • Preparing Content  Distribution and Service Agreements on behalf of a global online content distributor and artists and/or their management in relation to the sale of the artist’s content, including the required licensing of relevant artist IP rights, provision for third party payments to publishers and performing rights associations and other third parties in the digital supply chain
  • Drafting website terms and conditions, website development agreements and website privacy policies for a digital marketing client


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