Liquor Licence Applications in NSW

To apply for a liquor licence in NSW, or vary the conditions of an existing licence, Surry Partners can assist you with legal advice and services.

Types of Liquor Licences

In NSW, there are 7 categories of liquor licences, which will depend on the type of venue and manner in which the liquor is served. The different types include:

  • Hotel
  • Club
  • Small bar
  • On-premises
  • Packaged (can be online)
  • Limited
  • Producer/wholesaler

You may also manage the aspects of your licence to suit how you wish to run your business, such as whether liquor may be served without a meal.

Steps required in preparing a liquor licence Application

To apply for a liquor licence, a number of formal documents must be prepared before lodging the application. Some applications will also require you to complete a Community Impact Statement (CIS) before lodgement.

You then need to lodge the correct application form with the Independent Liquor & Gaming Authority (ILGA) and notify the relevant stakeholders within the specified timeframes. The application forms are generally extensive and complex, and any errors or absent documents may result in the ILGA denying your application and you will need to begin the process again.

Freeze Zone

Being based in Surry Hills, Surry Partners Lawyers is on the border of Sydney’s liquor licence freeze zone and is well aware of the implications the freeze may have on a business’ prospects of applying for a particular liquor licence. The freeze bans the granting of most new liquor licences and altering the conditions of an existing licensed premises. The freeze is set to be reassessed in February 2017. For further explanation of how the freeze may affect you, please contact Surry Partners Lawyers.

A map showing the areas the freeze applies to is below.

Cost of the Application

The fees and charges of a liquor licence application will vary on the type of licence, varying from $80 for a single function limited licence to $2,500 for a permanent hotel licence. There are also ongoing annual fees forming part of the cost of the liquor licence.

When applying for a liquor licence for your business it is important to seek legal advice. Surry Partners understands the needs of small and medium sized businesses and prides itself on offering cost-effective outcomes to its clients in meeting their legal obligations.

Freeze Zone Area Map


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