Maged Addresses Specialist Accreditation Conference

Last weekend, August 12th & 13th, our property guru Maged Jebeile was invited to be a guest speaker at the Law Society Specialist Accreditation Conference for Business Law, Property Law and Personal Injury. The conference is held every year with a range of speakers and is a great way for professionals to keep up to date with important issues in their area of specialisation.

The conference was held over 2 days at the Sebel Resort & Spa in the Hawkesbury Valley, with a wide range of professionals and specialists attending from all over the state. The weekend was a huge success with many relevant and trending issues addressed.

Maged, in his role as Surry Partners’ Accredited Property Law Specialist, gave an address on the new Sale & Leasing Requirements for properties with swimming pools, and the changes that have occurred since 2012. Maged has been keeping on top of these amendments, and has contributed various articles and opinions on the matter, some of which can be linked here .

To read Maged’s full paper outlining the legislative changes, click here.

Ever-changing swimming pool requirements, although given much attention in recent years, are still a very much ongoing issue. Anecdotal evidence suggests that 1 in 3 pools still will not comply with regulatory standards. Recent changes to the Regulations have aimed to address non-compliance issues affecting property sales, however there are still many traps that owner and buyers can fall into.

Maged discusses some common tips and traps for owners  preparing a property with a pool for sale and buyers looking to purchase a property with a pool affected by non-compliance issues.

Don’t hesitate to contact Maged regarding any queries or questions – he will certainly be able to assist!


Surry Partners Lawyers

August 2016