Property Law Committee Member Maged Jebeile Recognised in Law Society Tribute

The Law Society of NSW have released a book, telling the story from 1842 of a small group of legal gentlemen creating a Society dedicated to supporting the legal profession’s honour, independence and respectability, and how this grew to become a group of more than 30,000 men and women.

The inspiring work of many whom have been a part of the Society’s fabric for almost 175 years is played across the beautiful pages of ‘Defending the Rights of All’ – the Law Society’s Latin maxim – omnium jura defendimus. We are thrilled that our director Maged Jebeile, alongside his fellow 2016 Property Law Committee members, are given a fitting tribute for their commitment and ongoing efforts as part of the history of the Law Society.

Caroline Pierce and Michael Pelly beautifully transcribe a real and tangible reminder of the foundations laid by the 17 founding members of the Sydney Law Library Society and the successive generations of solicitors and staff who have followed. Going back to its fledging law library days, the book explores the various challenges the Society and its members have faced over the years and will continue to face. As Robert Warren once said “History cannot give us a program for the future, but it can give us a fuller understanding of ourselves and of our common humanity, so we can better face the future”.

The publication also rightly recognises the past Presidents and various Committee’s that have supported the Law Society since its earliest days. For the past 50 years the Law Society has had at least 20 committees a year, with 24 in 2016, comprising thousands of professional men and women volunteering their time, skills and experience to the Society’s cause.

Maged has been a member of the Property Law Committee since 2012 and with the Committee has worked with government departments, scrutinised legislation and advised on behalf of the Society with respect to industry matters. More recently the Committee has reviewed swimming pool compliance requirements, the Retail Leases Act Amendment Bill and Conveyancing Sale of Land Regulations, to name just a few. Maged has contributed alongside the many skilled and talented professionals, who have dedicated their time to helping the Law Society act as a major player in law reform and policy debates. Maged is honoured to be included in the book as a history and a tribute to all those who went before them and all those who will follow.

A truly wonderful read.

Pick up a copy of ‘Defending the Rights of All’ on the Law Society Website , the Law Society Shop or visit the National Library of Australia.