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Update on Retail Leasing – Maged Jebeile Seminar Presentation

One of our directors and Accredited Property Law Specialist, Maged Jebeile was invited to speak at a Property Law Conference hosted by the Law Society of NSW on 11 March 2016. Maged, along with other recognised property law speakers covered various topics regarding commercial property leases.

Maged’s presentation addressed some upcoming reforms affecting  retail leasing as well as some recent court decisions which provided practical tips and traps for property lease stakeholders including managing agents, landlords, tenants and  practitioners.

Some of the legislative changes he presented on included:

  • The new Retail Trading Amendment Act passed in December 2015 which removed restrictions preventing small businesses and shops from trading on Boxing Day, provided staff has freely elect to work.
  • Recent amendments passed to the Treasury Legislation Act which expand the current consumer protection laws to small business contracts, which include property leases. These changes are set to come into effect in November 2016.

Maged also discussed the upcoming review of the Retail Leases legislation at a state and national level. There will be more to come on this issue.

His presentation received great feedback and the Conference was a success in furthering the Law Society’s objectives for specialised, up to date Continuing Professional Development.

Surry Partners looks forwards to contributing to this discussion and education process in to the future.


Maged Jebeile

Accredited Specialist in Property Law

(02) 9318 6418


April 2016